The Shrouded Veil is a temero and daughter of The Hidden Moon and the Rising Sun. She has a lisp in which she accidentally replaces "I"s with "Y"s.

Appearance Edit


The Shrouded Veil's wing pattern.

She has a leg span of around 45 centimeters and is 35 centimeters tall. She has long, soft, thick, white fur and vibrant and pink and purple wings. Veil has ribbons tied to the base of her front four legs as ornaments and a sort of strap attached to the left side of her abdomen that holds her small staff.

Biography Edit

Veil is the daughter of The Hidden Moon and The Rising Sun. She was encouraged to kill at a very early age and murdered most of her siblings. Later, a well known vigilante named The Demolition attempted to assassinate her, due to being the daughter of a warlordess.

Abilities Edit

She holds a staff as a weapon, which is capable of producing plasma. As well as this she has skill in silk weaving and her fangs naturally produce incredibly dangerous necrotic venom.

Themes Edit

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