The Soras Theory attempts to make sense of Soras, a mysterious stone with the ability to alter certain parts of the brains of most beings.

Brain Manipulation Edit

The theory states that Soras can create illusions for certain people due to them using electricity to function. The idea is that Soras emits tiny, precised, but extremely powerful magnetic waves in the exact location he needs to give people illusions. The theory also states that he can only manipulate the specific brain parts that have links to perception and senses because he is actually a computer, with programs to prevent him from doing otherwise.

Energy Edit

Although it is very unknown where Soras gets the energy to operate, the theory has a proposal. It says that he collects the energy over an extended time, by taking in heat, sunlight, static electricity, current electricity, radiation and even draws energy from small amounts of mass, quietly. After this the different energies are converted to an energy similar to chemical energy, so that it can be used. Due to this not at all being enough, however, Soras blacks out constantly, becoming unable to act until he recharges.

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