The Soul Gazer is a temero known to be a creditable inventor and surgeon. He has a lisp in that he accidentally replaces the sounds "W" and "R" with "V".

Appearance Edit


The Soul Gazer's wing pattern.

His leg span reaches around 30cm, and he is around 25cm tall. Soul has white fur, similar to The Shrouded Veil. He has a blue, tail coat like cover over his abdomen. Underneath that is a sort of cover that has straps on it. Each strap contains a gadget, if not a scalpel. The Soul Gazer's wings are deep blue, with black edges. Due to being an abmale, he has palpal bulbs.

Biography Edit

The Soul Gazer used to be a surgeon in the Scutum-Centaurus Arm, and later boarded a ship where he was petrified. Now he helps run a business called "Maxris Corp." which develops N1X-13s.

Abilities Edit

The Soul Gazer is a skilled inventor and highly capable surgeon. As well as this he is in possession of a N1X-13 which allows him to turn into a human at any time he chooses. As a temero he has impressive combat skills and is rather handy with a scalpel. However, in human form he lacks most combative ability.

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