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The Three Silver Rings is an RP thread hosted by Lijosu. It took place in Act 3 and Season 2, and was in between The Galactic Summit of Leaders and ObliviON.

Overview Edit

In this act the ultimate goal was to find out as much about three, small, silver rings as possible. Before the thread was even started it was made very clear that the rings are not ordinary, but it was made clearer in the original post.

Main Plot Edit

2121-2148 Edit

Three rings had been made in the past by Pasithee's ancestors. Each one is human child sized, has the appearance of silver and has a single jewel in the top. Each jewel is its own color. One ring is red, one is blue and another is green. The rings were given to three separate people, all three raised or trained to be deadly. The green ring was given to Lijosu, the red ring was given to Achlys, and the blue ring was given to Willow Wisp.

When the (Unnamed Predecessor) to the Seventh District Police discovered the Hampshire Family's tendency to exploit glitches in the universe at great harm, they had no choice but to kill every last one, and wipe Pasithee's mind at a very young age. This left her waking up for the first time from her perspective and growing up the rest of her life without parents.

After 2149 Edit

Ending the events of Blades of Destiny, Lijosu gave Gloomy the green ring. After Lijosu died, Atae and Achlys were allowed passage back to the afterlife to be judged. Before Achlys left she gave Epsilon the red ring. Sometime afterwards Willow was found with the blue ring, which was taken by Boreas and Epsilon via unknown means. At this stage Boreas and Epsilon share two rings, the red and the blue.

First Post Edit

In the first post, Boreas and Epsilon were seen receiving the ring from Gloom after the events of The Incident Quartex. In the process of this Gloom inserted a number of tracking nanobots on to the two, allowing them to be tracked.

Trivia Edit

  • Although The Three Silver Rings did not necessarily fail, it finished with many of the participants feeling it was disappointing.

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