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Kinetic Dispersal Weapon; Designation "Alpha II" Edit

High powered rifle with low penetrative properties; designed for crowd control functionality, in other words delivering a powerful force to a small spot. Due to this, its main effects are shattering and delivering crushing style damage, potentially even breaking bones.

Origins Edit

The weapon was in manufacture by the clandestine operation H.D.F. until 2055 following the loss of several industrial sectors. It was advertised as a weapon to be used by riot police, but found use throughout the echelons of sub-military conflict, and due to not being a fully qualified firearm, is legal to carry in an owner's possessions.

Mechanism Edit

The rifle fires high velocity "pegs" that are made to stay intact, rather than spool like a traditional bullet, giving higher impact but almost no penetration against even lightly armored targets. The pegs are launched by compressed gas released into the chamber by the force of the peg moving into place. This means that a manual catalyst is required to start the weapon each new magazine.

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