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The Type-TW Soundflash Sonic Grenade, also known simply as a Sonic Grenade is a grenade which uses intensely strong visible or invisible waves of sound to incapacitate their targets. Typically it produces a sudden burst or "squeal" of very high frequency sound, it is used to distract organic enemies by causing piercing, intense pain in hearing organs. It can render most species helpless by inflicting deafness temporarily or even permanently on an unlucky target. Some variants are loud and strong enough to damage materials tougher than hearing organs and are not limited to organics.


The sonic grenade features a large blast radius and damages both living organisms and artificial bots. After being thrown and before being detonated, it sticks to the surface its thrown at and emits an oscillated pulse. It detonates automatically after ten seconds or after being tripped by proximity to a moving target.
Soundflash Mechanics

The sonic grenade without the plastic casing.

Though the overall blast radius of this device was small, it's capable of being lethal within the entire volume of it's blast radius. The explosion that this weapon is capable of emitting can crack or spiderweb thick glass, blow apart organic targets, decimate mechanized beings, and penetrate through solid matter and walls (including other enemies) to deliver continued energy from the explosion to a standing target.


  • This weapon is free to be used by any character, meaning that anyone can buy Type-TW Soundflash Sonic Grenades without explain how or why.