Current Format

Titles, Subtitles and Paragraphs

Make sure every title and subtitle is bold. Have at least two paragraphs before putting an image in a section. Make sure that the subjects own name is stated at the intro to the article, in bold. State any used aliases in bold as well.


Use bullets, never ordinal numbers.


If another character's name is stated, and there is a valid wiki page for them, make sure to hyperlink the name in your article. External links may be used, but do not post the raw link.


Make sure you use any infobox templates available instead of a copy and pasted version. If you are in need of a different type of infobox which has no default template you may copy and paste the infobox instead of using the template. Insert the following text into the classical or source editor to add the infobox template.

Character Infobox: {{Infobox_character}}

AI Character Infobox: {{Infobox_character_ai}}

Robot Infobox: {{Infobox_robots}}

Weapon Infobox: {{Infobox_weapon}}

Faction Infobox: {{Infobox_faction}}

Planet Infobox: {{Infobox_planet}}

Uses kilograms and meters instead of feet and pounds. Every 3 digits enter a space, Example: "300" or "10 000". Use periods instead of commas for decimals. Dual state characters description separates with ";". If there is more than one state use bullets as a list.

Also for affiliation in character infoboxes, if a characters is affiliated with more than one faction, use bullets. If the faction has an article, link it in the infobox.


Technology and weapons categories can not be put on the same page. If a gadget is technological and a weapon, please put it as "weapon". BUT if a character is technological and a weapon put it as "technology;character".

How Images Work

The image chosen to be the thumbnail is generally the first image on the page that satisfies these criteria:

Larger than 130px by 115px for use on category pages, larger than 200px by 100px for the related pages module. Note: the size on the 'File:' page is what counts, not how it displays on the page.


Thank you Chow-Chow Branco for giving me all this information.

I formatted this text about formatting XD

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