As I have no idea as of now of the wikia standards it is not there (yet) that you will see the wikia standards, but once they will be provided to me I'll take care to edit this page and put them here.

As for now I'd like to be provided the wikia standards, because they're nowhere to be found and they're essential to our wikia work, so I think it's quite time to know what they are.

So I require you here, Lijosu. I'd notably like to know the standards for :

  • Categories (when something is in a certain category they don't have to be in certain other categories, for example something in the weapon category doesn't need to be in the technology category as well) :
    • The only info that was given was to not put technology and weapons together, weapon having priority. However we don't know about other potential scenarios, especially for new categories.
  • Formatting (the blogpost about it isn't enough) :
    • We only know to put subtitles in bold, to have at least two paragraphs in a section before putting an image, and to use bullets, for everything else we are blind.
  • Templates (infoboxes, notably when doing custom ones, it is very unclear what should and shouldn't be done) :
    • In the formatiing blogpost there were absolutely no directions for custom infoboxes.
  • Tags :
    • Which tag to put when, in some cases the descriptions aren't helpful enough on wether or not they should be put (for example the format one, you can't really know if you don't even know how what the format should be).
    • We also don't know at which degree of a certain issue they should be used (for example the work in progress one, should it be put for something that only needs some very light tweakings).
  • Page splitting (how pages should be split and for what reasons) :
    • For example a very consequent page may have some of its aspects to it be split into other pages, we don't know what of a page should be split, nor do we know the situations required for two pages to be merged into one.
  • Page creation (what kind of page should be made and which shouldn't) :
    • Is there a need for a certain level of relevance for a page to be created or we can make absolutely anything ?

I'm probably missing I few other stuff that I may add later.

And when all of this will be provided it would be nice to work on a tutorial for wikia work.

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