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The Vigilant Dawn is an order founded hundreds of years ago, alike to other groups such as the Knights Hospitaller. Their goal is to deliver justice onto the world how they see fit, not always in accordance with how the rest of the world sees it, based on their strong belief in an 'eye for an eye' system.

Presence Edit

The Vigilant Dawn uses a network of "agents" combined with a lot of small outposts in human colonies around the recorded outworlds. The outposts, referred to as Sentinels, other than supplying deployed agents, are primarily used for the purposes of data management, despite the organisation's distrust of modern technology, preferring to use outdated 22nd giga-computing technology. Agents travel around from planet to planet, acting on accord of their high-lord, usually hunting down criminals.

History Edit

In the 15th century, politics in Europe started to change. The discovery of the new world, Italy starting to fall into chaos, and a general change in political philosophy left one wealthy noble wanting to see that things stayed orderly throughout the world. He founded an order of former mercenaries to punish anyone branded by any country as a criminal, and a set of punishments for each crime. The vigilant dawn was then accepted as a group trusted to do good for countries. In the 20th century they went in decline, their views on how to punish convicted criminals clashing with a lot of nations. However, when the seeding of other worlds began, they came with the colony ships. As the only criminal justice force in the wild outer colonies, they regained standing with what little authorities there were.

Members Edit

The VD are made up of several thousand agents in modern times, the majority of the members being at a middle level rank as agents in the field. In terms of recruitment, the uptake of new agents is very slow, due to a rigorous process.

Controversy Edit

The way that they deal with criminals is found by some to be quite contreversial. A lot of colonies don't want a group who will happily tear a building apart to find and kill a murderer or "deliver justice" on their important figures who committed minor crimes in the past.

Appearances Edit

The group first appeared in Amnesia