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Vox Caroline is a male Hacrobia Mortem, he is one of the two biological offspring of Caroline, and is the twin brother of Maiya.

Personality Edit

Vox is the more sane of the two twins, often taking lead over the two. He is a natural hunter, with a short temper. He has been shown to care about Maiya, but is quickly washed out by his temper, often when she forgets something. He prefers to hunt for food, and often sport.

Appearence Edit

Vox in his natural form is tall and lean, with four vanta-black tendrils, and sharp teeth with fangs. His skin is a bit lighter than most Mortem, and his exoskeleton is a deep blue-purple hue, covering almost his entire figure.

Abilities Edit

Morphing Edit

Vox has an enhanced ability to control his form, his morphing abilities far surpassing other Mortem. He can disguise in many different shapes, as well as other genders, with less energy cost to himself. He can also manipulate his weight, allowing him to be featherweight or the weight of a boulder.

Trivia Edit

  • Thank Forumlurker and his joke blackmail for the existance of Vox and Maiya.
    • "Do it and I swear, Carolings will be canon." -Pancakei
  • The name Vox is a reference to Gleeman Vox, from the Ratchet and Clank series.
    • They both share the same short temper.

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