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Mary Athena Oak, formerly known as Wafflei, is a young electrokinetic woman and questionably sane engineer for Carbon-6. She is the daughter of Patricia, the twin sister of Pancakei, and the Fiancée of Dervicus.

An avid Inventor and physicist, Wafflei is the creator of the first individual-sized and accessible rift engine in the human timeline, as well as the header of Project Zeus.

Biography Edit

Life Pre-Warp Edit

She lived her childhood with her brother Pancakei, and her Mother and Father. On her seventh birthday, her parents were assaulted, and she was sent to the dark universe by her mother.

The Warp Edit

Her life in the Dark Dimension

During her time in the Dark Universe, she was mentally broken and descended into insanity, murdering several peers and innocents to get what she wanted, notably Ellie.

With a need to escape, she built a Rift Walker, allowing her to travel the dimensions with ease. When she arrived in the regular universe, she immediately got her ass kicked by Shockherman, and kidnapped Pancakei. During these events the Rift Walker broke, leaving her stranded in the regular dimension.

The Accident Edit

While being cleansed of corruption after the Zalgo incident, Shard, using a Gem Destabilizer, tazed WaffleI with an extreme amount of electricity. While fine at first, WaffleI stated exhibiting strange behavior. Strange included glowing, twitching, and eventually bursting with lightning, stumbling across the room. After she calmed, She realized she had gained electrokinetic powers, keeping her alive temporarily with almost no blood, and could absorb and control electricity. After this incident, her eyes started glowing a bright Cyan.

Madness Edit

During the events of An Ancient Animosity, Wafflei was captured by the Draconid Order. They threw her in a cell with Boreas, which they escaped from shortly. She was cornered by Sett, and had her mind altered painfully, implanting a man-made madness, taking form in her Dark Self, whispering in her mind to cause chaos and a demonic laughter, always taunting her. This madness embodiment her suppressed insanity and anger. She lived on the run with Brooke, Jack and Abyssus, until her Madness was suppressed in Haven.

Quartex Edit

When Rivet self-destructed inside of a Quartex station, she suppressed the explosion, hoping to die and redeem herself. She absorbed the energy, burning her badly and causing her to enter a healing coma, residing in a stasis tube.

When Rivet self-destructed inside of a Quartex station, she suppressed the explosion, hoping to die and redeem herself. She absorbed the energy, burning her badly and causing her to enter a healing coma, residing in a stasis tube.

Inside of her coma, her mind entered an odd state of consciousness. When Soras poked around inside of her mind, he found that her conscious was Schizophrenic, chaotic and not orderly. Through the months in her coma, her mind started to repair itself from the damage trauma had done, slowly aligning her conscious. She awoke seven months later, a much happier and sane person. She started dating Dervicus, a fellow C6 engineer, before her past caught up in her.

She and her mother were assaulted in public , her mother killed and Mary lost in unknown territory. For several months, Mary was kept kept a half-asleep state while the Draconid Order siphoned any information they could from her. She managed to escape the facility in a damaged escape pod after a fellow prisoner mentally detonated and destroyed the holding cells that contained them. Lost on an alien world with no food, Mary wandered endlessly, slipping Into delusion and assaulting local life before being rescued from the wild by a monk group known as the Alphimites. She was later recovered by several search and rescue parties after a miracle signal made it off the planet.

Epilogue - 2162 Edit

In the months following her retrieval from unknown territory, Mary successfully underwent mental stability therapy to help prevent more PTSD style attacks. Two months after returning home, Dervicus quietly proposed marriage, and Mary accepted.

The two of them legally married under a new family name as the Oaks, casting away their old flagged identities with the help of Carbon-6. Since then, Mary has stepped down from her position on the Apocrypha station, working remotely and living with Darren at an undisclosed C6 Blacksite. As of now, they've both taken short breaks from their work to raise a child.

Appearance Edit

Wafflei is a short Caucasian woman, with long red hair, and glowing Cyan irises. Her eyes are a natural hazel color, as shown when she has no electricity running through her retinas or irises. She has faint orange burn marks covering her skin, along the path of her central nerves. She also has burn marks around her eyes. She is seen wearing full-frame glasses, though she only wears them because she feels awkward without them.

Personality Edit

Wafflei has a very introvert personality, often becoming awkward or sarcastic in social situations. She is incredibly intelligent, to the brink of Genius, but is an emotional and mental train-wreck. She is schizophrenic, often having mood swings and fits of anger or sadness. After her coma, she started to work around her mental health, getting her head straight and working to become a saner person. She has been shown to be caring and nice for the few friends she actually has, and she has a deep fear of water, specifically drowning and accidental electrocution.

Abilities Edit

Bioelectricity Edit


Wafflei's Rage Surge

Her electrokinetic abilities allow her to absorb and control electricity.

  • Glow: She can naturally control the glow of the power in her body
  • Absorb: Allow her to absorb and store electricity
  • Bolt/Blast: Fires a small bolt of electricity
  • Whip: Create a flexible rope of electricity
  • Thorns: A higher current whip, designed to trap enemies
  • Rage Surge*: Envelops herself in a surge of electric power
  • Helix Blast: Low velocity blast, creating a blast on impact.

*Very exhausting, becomes unconscious/weakened after use

Relations Edit

Family Edit

Pancakei Edit

Wafflei is Pancakei's lost biological Sister, who went missing on their 7th birthday, the same day their parents were attacked. She was sent to the Dark Dimension by her mother for safety, until she returned many years later.

Patricia Edit

Wafflei's is Patricia's daughter. Patricia was the one who sent her to the dark dimension, originally intending for a friend to take care of Wafflei, but sadly Wafflei was stuck off-target during transport through the rift. Throughout RP Wafflei showed particular sadness and a strong desire to find her mother, or at least figure out what really happened to her. They eventually met after Wafflei woke up from her coma. Ironically enough, she is fairly uncomfortable with the fact that Patricia is not the same species as herself.

Other Edit

Dervicus Edit

Dervicus is a fellow engineer at Carbon-6, who admitted having feelings for Wafflei after she awoke from her coma. After many months together before and after being forced apart, Wafflei and Dervicus became married quietly, creating new identities for themselves and the aid of Carbon-6. They've since fallen out of contact, but word is they're happily raising a child.

Boreas Edit

Boreas is an Arctic Victa that fell in love with Wafflei. He helped her escape from the Dracoid Order, and spent a few weeks on the run with her. He was the first character WaffleI told her real name to. Eventually WaffleI warmed up to Boreas becoming friends before eventually entering a small relationship. After long distances from each other, the relationship eventually decayed before being ended by Wafflei.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Pancakei and Wafflei went under a massive retcon and redesign before the S-RP saga. Pancakei (the user) decided that he did not want two clones of the same person. So he redesigned their personalities to contrast a bit, and reformed their Lore and characters to be twins.
    • Her first appearance after her redesign was Data Corrupted.
  • While she does not have the direct mutation, she is considered an Electrokinetic sage.
  • Technically speaking, Wafflei is undead, a reanimated body.
  • Wafflei's middle name came from a joke about Homestuck, but her namesake (Mary) pays homage to one of her author's family members who died young in an accident. May her soul rest in peace.
    • The name 'Batelle' is a play on the word, 'Battle'.