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The X-Two Anti-Hull Armor Bomb is a modular bomb built around disarming weaponry in large starships, destroying buildings, and generally wreaking havoc on thick metallic structures. The immensity of the model itself ensures that it can only be used on starships many times bigger than the actual unit.

Description Edit

The bomb's mechanism of detonation is based on a wireless quantum-entangled trigger which ensures that if the bomb portion of the unit detaches, it should explode from the sudden halt of power. Thus, it can only be defused if something replaces the steady flow of electricity to the bomb that the base of it supplies. The largest danger of this unit is using it in conjunction with electricity based weapons, such as the Glock 86 Heavy Plasma Pistol, as the bomb will activate due to the sudden supply of charge, followed by the sudden removal of it.

The bomb is modular, so it allows many different uses of the same initial components, attached to the solid base unit. The base unit is a drill followed by three titanium claws, powered from the central unit, which has a pole extending up from it, storing the power and the power supply. The power is transferred through protrusions on the central pole, which incidentally also facilitate the locking mechanism. The base's drill and claws help it to bore through solid metal, and latch onto it so that it travels through the ship itself, or attach to the outer hull and smash through the first layer of plating. This combined in conjunction with Gravity and/or EMP warheads can cripple a ship's systems, or destroy shielding so that more conventional weapons can move in.

Uses Edit

Has not been used in any season so far.

Trivia Edit

  • This is part of a series of weapons created by ZweiHawke to bring a more accessible weapon pool to public use.
  • The design is based off of the Kindergarten Harvesters from Steven Universe.

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